Interior Design & Services

Whether your living space requires designing or your new-build home needs decorating, or perhaps your existing interior only needs a restyle and refresh, all possible options will be explored. 


I work a little different to 'traditional' interior designers. I offer you an affordable designer service whilst guiding you and educating you about your likes and style. So, in the future this enables you to clearly identify solutions with confidence.  


I have sourced some amazing wholesalers that sell quality products. This way, you not only get unique pieces for your home that you won’t see in many stores, but I’m also able to pass product savings to you. There is no obligation to purchase any products on any of our meetings, but I will offer you pricing that is below $RRP at the time. 

 The space you live in should reflect an environment that is you. Somewhere you can relax, create and evolve.


My Services...

1. Phone Consultation - We’ll start with a complimentary phone call so I can get an idea of your project and if we think I am the right fit for you.

2. Design Services 

Every home and client is different, so I have a range of design services to fit all different needs. Please click on each service to read more about it...

The In-Home Consultation - In Home visit - (up to 90 mins) 

Consultancy Design Services - 1 hour or 5 hours packages

​Vision-boards - 1 room or 2 rooms (approx 8-12 items per room)

Pre-sale Makeovers - In-home visit (Advice and notes only)​​ or Detailed report inc. in-home visit 

Declutter - Clear & Clean - minimum 3 hour visit 

Homewares, Furniture, Rugs, Lighting & Art (inc. Local Artists) - Contact Me!

* Please note -

My design services are consultancy only based services. You will be given the necessary info to manage the design or purchase from retailers yourself. Or if you would like to purchase from one of my suppliers, a quote will be written and emailed to you. But...if you do have a project that may require a little more than a consultancy based service I will be happy to discuss options and quote for the work. Let's Chat! 




Hi, I'm Jessica & welcome to Décor n Design!

I'm a bit of a Jill-of-all-trades, and decided when both my children were finally in school, I wanted to concentrate on building my dream.  I've always wanted to put my creative thoughts and love of furnishings into a business. To do this every day.


I love to work and share my passion with others, and hopefully inspire people to achieve a space, a home that they look forward to being in, living in and sharing with.

I have always had a love for furniture, colour, design and just about anything I can get messy with. With so many styles and beautiful looks to choose from, choosing one is difficult (like that favourite child haha)...but at heart I love a little Rustic, Elegant, Arabian Bohemian mix...see, not just one...oops!

Fortunate to grow up in multi-cultural Australia, and spoilt with vast ethnic influences, I have learnt to appreciate what a lot of different cultures have to offer. Also, living life as a backpacker enabled me to visit some gorgeous places over the years. I discovered many visually stimulating sights, beautiful colours, traditions and art, which influence my evolving designs.

My past experiences include; client and personal renovations, makeovers, interior design consultations and project management, furniture revamping, kitchen sales consultancy, customer service, pottery wheel fun, cleaning and decluttering, and working as a draftsperson for civil and architectural companies.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find what you are looking for, or drop me a line at and let me help you -