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A Vision-board is an e-design service available to anyone with an internet connection. Perfect for you if you need help picturing how your room will come together. Its a great choice for those wanting an interior designer styling without the traditional designer pricing.


Your Vision-board is presented by either as a Moodboard or Concept Board.

A Moodboard displays pictures of colours, furniture, art, homewares plus examples of other rooms or houses in similar styles and settings. Sets the mood and feelings for the room design.

A Concept-board is presented like your room would as close as it would look in real life. It depends on the pictures available from furniture sellers depicting the items. 

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1 Room - $210 | 2 Rooms - $410

A Vision-board service includes;

* A welcome letter

* A questionnaire - asking you to list and attach relevant info, dimesions and pics.


I then get working on creating your Vision-board and then within 14 days you'll be sent;


* A vision-board containing between 8 -15 items - depending on scale of job and size of space

* Shopping list with links to purchase and prices.

* Styling notes to guide you.

* Follow up email. 

You then have the freedom to purchase each item when you choose, when your budget and time allows. And create the space you will love.     

If any of the above resonates with you, please either give me a call or send an email describing your project and what you're hoping to achieve. I will send you a *questionnaire which will give me a clearer picture about your project and likes.

About the questionnaire form;
To ensure that I understand your needs and style preferences as to provide the best options, I will need some information, measurements and photos prior to starting the design process. 
This is the fun part!

It's a chance to be as descriptive as possible, stating what it is you have now and what you would like to have done. Your wishes, wants and needs.