A Holistic Approach to Interior Design

Many people obsess about getting their home to look and function the best they can. Sometimes it’s choosing to keep up with the Jones’. Sometimes it's displaying everything they treasure, or perhaps everything is tucked away in custom-built storage to look neat.

We can be surrounded by things we have no real connection to. Pieces were bought at the time because advertising made us believe we couldn't live without them, or it was a trend last season, and it now no longer speaks to us as we saw it in the store. The shine and sparkle have dulled.

When this happens we start to approach design differently. We look for that connection. How it feels when we enter our sanctuary. Therefore, people seem to be choosing a holistic approach to designing their homes. The future of designing our interior spaces is becoming more and more holistic.

But what is holistic interior design?

It’s an energy-based practice where the focus is on creating balance and connection to our purpose, community, loved ones, creativity, and ourselves. It takes a space that is not only visually appealing and functional to a space that supports our awareness and spiritual journey (whatever spiritual means to the individual).

Holistically designing an interior considers achieving and maintaining a state of wellness for the people who live in it and use it. It is essential to create a place that promotes a healthy state of mind and is balanced with your body and soul.

How can this holistic approach be achieved?

Well, what was once considered ‘out there’ and ‘alternative’ is now very much commonplace. Essential oils in candles and diffusers, Fengshui, crystals, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy are everywhere, used by, or gifted to by most.

Airflow and allowing natural light to filter into the room automatically create positive vibes. Hearing birds chirping or installing a water feature invokes sensory interaction and a sense of calmness. Introducing natural fibres and materials into the homes embraces being mindful of the resources consumed and waste created. Recycling, reusing, and upcycling are valued highly in holistic interior design.

Humans can be selfish and adding a little of this can be seen as luxe living to some, but really it is understanding that we need time to heal, recharge and rejuvenate to be our best selves - firstly for ourselves and also for others around us.

Look around your home, does your soul feel a level of peace?

Do you have a space to unwind and take your mind off life’s pressures?

Do you have natural materials and some plants in your home?

Or is there a space where the family can connect without distractions?

Can you escape to a spot that will help you heal from your day and boost your mood, read a book, and help you relax easier?

Or finding that space for the hobby you’ve always wanted to do?

With more awareness of our purpose and a realisation that time is short, experiencing a joyful life is important. Therefore, implementing things that lead to a healthier state of wellness will reduce chaos and turmoil, which is unhealthy and can manifest illness in the physical body.

Imagine creating a home or even just a space to escape where the subtle energy field enhances your life and encourages healing. By spending time in the space, you can tap into your goals, dreams, and spiritual thoughts and express yourself, and feel harmonious and peaceful.

If you’ve never worked with an interior designer or stylist before, the cliché and unknown can be daunting. My approach is always to gain an understanding of my client’s needs and create a space that supports and reflects how they’d like to live. Sometimes clients are not aware of what they truly want. They have the feeling that something’s missing or not quite right but don’t know how to achieve the balance and harmony their souls crave. Or are you the person that knows what they want but needs a little guidance for that spiritual shift and vibration you can relate to?

Each of us has different needs, there is no wrong. Resolving a state of conflict and introducing some peace in your safe space is essential.

Start by thinking about how you can bring your version of holistic design into your home. Think of what you’re missing or would like. Create boards on Pinterest and see if you notice a theme. And if you need someone to guide you in achieving this place to support your vision, I’d love to consult with you. Please look at the consultancy services I offer and get in touch.

Everyone’s journey is important, let’s get started on yours!


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