An hour with an Interior Designer!

Today I’m discussing the advantages of why you would pay for one hour with an Interior Designer!

So, what can an hour’s consultation with an Interior Designer provide you? Many people think it’s an expensive ongoing partnership, costing you possibly thousands of dollars, but it needn’t be. One hour may give you the reassurance of taking that first step or choosing the next direction your project needs. Providing you a realistic approach and a few possibilities.

For instance. Have you been scrolling websites and walking into stores looking for that perfect rug and something to hang on the wall above your new lounge, but all you come out with is confusion and feeling totally overwhelmed? Then for one hour you could be given choices and advice on the items that are recommended and available for the style you like.

Or you’ve commissioned a kitchen design company who has provided 4 possible design layouts you aren’t totally happy with. By consulting an interior designer who will understand your needs and wants for the space, can then design a layout that works best for you. Resulting in your dream kitchen.

Have you just moved? Are your rooms smaller, perhaps bigger or a different layout? You’ve been struggling to think how you can fit all your furniture in to your new space. An interior designer can visit and advise or help you move your furniture into a perfectly designed environment.

Or maybe you want to change the layout of your living and dining area. You don’t know how to include certain elements and features into your design. A few quick measurements by a designer and then a discussion on possible solutions and finishes will help you take your ideas to a handyman/builder who will build your vision.

So, by making a quick initial phone call or emailing an interior designer with photos, along with a rough floorplan and/or measurement will provide an understanding about your project. Your then one-hour consultation will be rewarded by someone who feels passionate about transforming your project into a functioning space you love.

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