Decluttering – simplify and organise your home and life

Once we’ve welcomed the new year in, our thoughts usually turn to ‘This year my plans are…’ or ’This year I’m going to do …’, and then reality kicks in and it becomes all too much and quite overwhelming. Excuses start happening and procrastination is guaranteed.

Just because the numbers of the year have changed, your surroundings and habits haven’t – well, not yet anyway!

Well, to let you know a secret, I’ve been procrastinating for months over decluttering a few spaces in my home, and I finally started yesterday and accomplished quite a bit – still a way to go, but what I difference I’ve seen and felt. So, that’s the reason I thought I would write this blog to hopefully motivate you into starting and feeling the difference I have.

We hold onto things for many different reasons. And everyone has their own story as to why we keep things or just cannot throw items out. The task becomes that much harder when emotions, sentiment and memories are attached to ‘the things’. Or the excuses and reasoning with yourself start - I’m tired, it's too hot, it's too cold or I need to do this first… sound familiar?

It is a process of gaining the understanding of what you are wanting to achieve, why you want to and then learning to put it into practice for your future. And hopefully recognising the signs and managing to stop the keeping and hoarding before it all gets out of hand again.

Decluttering your space can also help with decluttering your mind, which in turn helps with clarity, moving forward and creating a balanced energised life. Sounds pretty good right?

How many times have you cleared out your wardrobe from old or worn-out clothes and looked at your achievement and thought ‘Wow’! I know, I’ve been there too, I understand the struggle.

When you have achieved this one task you think, ‘Well that was easy enough, next I’ll do…. ?’ and that’s usually when we stop and it’s back to square one.

So, I thought I would create a list of 20 things to help you get started in your decluttering journey. Easy things you can do that really don’t require too much effort, but a difference will be noticed for sure. There are ways to trick yourself into getting started.

For example, while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or coffee machine to warm up, start on No. 20. Or when you’re restocking your pantry or first aid supplies, take an extra couple of minutes to do Numbers 8 and 16!

Or set your timer for 20mins, put on some motivational music (not something that you’ll get distracted to start dancing to though haha) and pick a space and see what you get done.

See how you go.

1. Old makeup

2. Old nail polish

3. Unused or old toiletries

4. Burnt out candles

5. Worn out shoes

6. Take out menus

7. Restaurant sauce packets

8. Expired medication

9. Old mail, manuals, receipts, paperwork or magazines

10. Underwear and socks with holes

11. Old coupons

12. Cards – business, birthday, celebrations

13. Broken toys and happy meal toys

14. Clothes that don’t fit

15. Towels with holes and rips

16. Expired tin food

17. Old, broken or missing plastic storage – Tupperware, boxes, bowls and lids

18. Puzzles, toys, games with missing pieces

19. Worn out pillows, cushions and blankets.

20. That draw in the kitchen…you know the one!

Remember decluttering doesn’t just mean throwing everything out - giving to charity or selling on can benefit many. But starting on some of the things mentioned will help with any other spaces that have been consuming you.

If the task is too much for you to do or even think about, I offer a minimum 3 hour decluttering, clearing and sorting service. It’s ok to ask for help, and sometimes it’s easier to ask help from someone who isn’t close to the situation as you won’t feel ashamed or embarrassed or judged, and having someone along side you that offers empathy and a safe space to go through the process of letting go and moving forward.

Reach out if you need a decluttering sidekick to help you on this journey!


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