James Alary Fine Art | Décor + Design Trade Show

The Décor + Design trade show for designers, builders, architects, etc. was this year held online, of course due to Covid and the lockdown restrictions in Melbourne. A very different way of attending one of these events, but thankfully it still went ahead, as I was able to make new connections with some fabulous furniture and homewares wholesalers, as well as artists and lighting specialists.

Over the coming weeks I will introduce you to some of these talented and amazing people and companies. Mostly local (Australian) contacts with a few from overseas. I will endeavour to showcase their catalogue of work on my website, with links to click on.

One of these contacts, James Alary (Jim) is an artist that I was fortunate to meet last week. He invited me to his newly opened boutique, The Atelier, which he shares with his partner Jason in Ascot, Brisbane.

Jim delivers a bold expression of his unique style through a rich collection of Limited & Open Edition Fine Art Prints and one-off Originals.

In 2016, having over 20 years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry as an Art Director, where he partnered with some big names including Dreamworks, Lucas Films, Marvel Entertainment, he felt the time was right to explore more of his passions in art. So, Jim decided to pursue a career as a fine artist. His work strongly reflects the natural world which primarily inspires him.

His style and creations are different to anything you are likely to see. Not your typical brush in hand kind of art, Jim produces his art in a very clever way. Everything is created on a computer by using state-of-the-art software that is found in today’s large motion picture and video game industries. Is that really art, you may ask? Ah, yes it truly is. Undeniably. When you are standing in front of his work, you're able to sense what he is trying to achieve. Looking closely at how he creates these pieces, you discover layers of light and form which produces a textured and 3D look by mastering different techniques of his experience. Ingenious.

On display alongside Jim’s art in Ascot, is a wonderful elegant bespoke range of home and body fragrances. Jim and Jason have worked one on one with their fragrance ateliers to achieve products that are especially caring for sensitive skin and noses. Their brand, JAJI, of course has an already available range of fragrances, but they are happy to consult with you on your very own unique fragrance. This comes with a Certificate of Exclusivity and Fragrance Card detailing the notes in your fragrance. Your very own securely archived bespoke fragrance. What a great idea!

Please click on the links to see Jim’s wonderful work. If you are interested in having a piece hung in your home or office, contact me to discuss the style, size and colours you’re interested in. We can work with Jim to create a piece suitable to your space.

Open Editions - work that do not have a limited print run

Limited Editions - limited to a print run of up to 25 copies

Special Editions - prints are restricted up to 15 edition print runs

Exclusive Editions - prints are restricted up to 5 edition print runs

Original Art - one-of-a-kind art pieces that Jim has released from his personal archives

Each piece of art also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which is signed by James Alary. You will not only be purchasing amazing art to compliment your space but a great future investment.


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