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Spring has truly sprung (here in Brisbane anyway, we’ve already experienced 28c days 😊). And with the beautiful warmer days and less chilly nights comes the sounds, smells and colour that inspires a regeneration and rejuvenation of interiors, exteriors and life.

The gardens and pots of colour evoke happiness and exude a readiness and a sense of fresh beginnings. With the sun rising earlier and setting a little later, the sounds of nature are hard to miss. So, how can you introduce what is outside into your interior?

Colour, fabrics and declutter.

Firstly, let’s declutter! A change of season is the best time to sort and clean items that need storing until next time, donating to charity, selling to make some money, or throwing away if the time has come to say goodbye. Schedule some time to wash and tuck away the thicker jumpers, blankets, drapes, quilt covers, throws and anything that feels like the snuggly comforts of winter.

If you have carpets and rugs in your home, now is the time to have them steam cleaned. Your home will be opening as the weather changes and you could be more likely to entertain (adhering to current local restrictions). It’s the perfect time to remove the smells and dust collected during the cooler months.

Once these tasks are completed, you will have a clearer picture of what you have and a base to start with.

Now, colours!

What’s your colour scheme? Think of the colours gardens have started sprouting. Yellows, pinks, whites, blues and greens. Nature doesn’t get it wrong, but it’s how you use them in your home which will encourage a happier space to live, relax or work in.

For instance, if you love yellow and decide to paint an entire room yellow, it will probably be startling to live in. By choosing the correct shade of yellow, for example as suggested by Pantone – Sunlight, it could create a balanced and harmonious backdrop. Or by using Pantone suggested Saffron yellow in a cushion or throw, could work as a cheery uplifting highlight and accent to your overall look.

See the Pantone colour predictions for Spring/Summer 2020. Some pretty and inspiring colours to take inspiration from.

If your décor needs an uplift or a change of colour scheme, I’d love to hear from you. We’ll chat about options available and find a suitable design service that works for you.

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