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3 hours min. - $70 per hour

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Are you looking around your home and thinking 'I don't know where to begin'? As life happens, sometimes one aspect of our living that is neglected is our home. Our most treasured safe sanctuary. The place we look forward to coming back to after a big day, a well earned holiday or knowing we can just be.


So, how did it get to this point? Well, sometimes it is one of those things that creep up or it can be years of emotional hoarding. But, if you are here reading this you are taking the first steps in wanting to declutter, and take control back of your home and life. I would love to help turn your home and life around. Those first steps can be overwhelming and stop you in your tracks.

You tell me where to start in your home. We will focus on one room at a time, sorting through items together, setting achievable goals, and putting systems in place.

All the items that you are ready to let go of we bag and take away on the day. We recycle as much as possible, giving to organisations for animals & individuals in need.

Clearing can be very emotional. You need to be supported emotionally and compassionately through this time, so having someone gentle and caring is a crucial part of this process.

Once you clear the hardest parts, you do feel energised and motivated to continue on alone. That being said, you can be supported in this change for as long as you feel is appropriate. I recommend that we work together at times when there is no-one else in the house, avoiding distraction.

If you would like to talk about this or have a query, then please book a time for a chat, I would love to hear from you and help you to