My Initial In-Home Consultation is the most popular design service I offer. It's taken time to package this service that is fair with both time and cost for you.  I used to do initial consultations for free, but I soon grew to realise this was costing me my time and money - getting to and back from the consult, time at the consult PLUS sharing my knowledge and ideas during that appointment. This would be so beneficial to the 'potential' client, that they felt no need to call me back in. And it turns out that nobody can survive on kindness and hope alone right?

So, I have 2 Options available -
1. The Initial In-Home Consultation - up to 90 mins discussing your project.
2. The Follow-Up Design Document  - Initial consultation required.


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Interior Design
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The Initial In-Home Consultation

up to 90mins - $200


You have the opportunity to discuss anything with me concerning your project for up to 90mins. No matter what size your project is, you can feel assured I will help you achieve your goal in starting or continuing where you may be stuck. Your floorplans may need a look at or a walk through. Or you may need help in choosing finishes and flooring. Maybe you have moved and are unsure how to best place your furniture in your new home. We can schmooze over styles, colours, furnishings and art or anything else you can think of that will help you get you onto the next step in your project. A lot can really be achieved in 90mins.

During our meeting, I will give you a list of wholesaler accounts I hold, so if in the future, you or someone you know needs an item of furniture, or an original piece or art, a special lamp or gorgeous rug or even a pretty candle, you can peruse the catalogues and websites, then get back in touch with me and I will quote you on the price. There is no pressure to purchase anything on the day of your in-home consultation.

And once your time is up, you have absolutely no obligation to take me on any further. But, hopefully you find the experience invaluable and would like to follow on with purchasing the *design concept document (explained below) or continue on to one of my other design services

Either way, a few days after our meeting I will follow up by contacting you by email or text to arrange for a suitable time to call just to see where you are at and if you require anything else from me.

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The Initial
In-Home Consultation

The Follow-Up Concept Design Document *

- to be quoted (based on hourly rates) 


After the initial home consultation if you think you'd like to have everything we discussed in an actual document with notes, pictures of products and links to shops, then I will send you a post-consult email with my fee for the concept design document.


If you reply that you are happy to move forward with this stage I will then send you an agreement to sign, which isn't full on, it simply states what rooms are being transformed, my responsibilities to you as your design consultant and your responsibilities to me as my client. My fee along with bank details and terms will be provided. 

Once payment is confirmed, I will then get started on your concept document. This is where I take everything we covered in the initial 90min consultation and work my wonders into a document. I will email this and also present it to you during a return home visit.


The concept design will take some time, perhaps 2-3 weeks (depending on how many rooms). It will take this long as I will need to research products, collate pictures, prices and details to produce a document for you to keep as a blueprint for your home. I will also create a private Pinterest board that will be shared with you. The Pinterest board will contain perhaps other choices if I think there may be other ways you could take your look.

The concept document specifics:

  • Inspirational images reflecting your home makeover.

  • A design board - pictured and itemised pages for each room being transformed.

  • Suggested colour palettes, wall coverings, flooring, lighting and window coverings

  • A floorplan of each room with proposed furniture mapped out

  • And anything else I may come up with!


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The Initial
In-Home Consultation

So, if any of the above resonates with you, please either give me a call or send an email describing your project and what you're hoping to achieve. I will send you a ^questionnaire which will give me a clearer picture and prepare for our in-home consultation.

^ About the questionnaire form-

To provide you with suitable and the best options for your home, I will need you to fill out a detailed questionnaire prior to starting the design process, this ensures I understand your needs and style preferences. 


Don't stress, this is the fun part! It's your chance to be as descriptive as possible. Please include what you like and dislike now and what you would like to have done. Your wishes, wants and needs!