Pre-sale Makeovers... 

1  Advice & notes only - $480
2  Detailed report - $1200

Image by Angela Bailey
Image by Spacejoy
Image by Spacejoy

Getting ready to put your house on the market can be a stressful time for some. Or if your house has been on the market for awhile and it's not gaining any interest or follow through, perhaps you need a little help in styling your house to suit your potential buyers.

Sometimes a change of your current furniture layout, or moving your accessories about or advice on how to declutter to make it more neutral yet to achieve a 'I can imagine living here' feel is all it needs.

If your home does need a little updating with new items (furniture, painting, renovating, updating etc.) then it is suggested that no more than 1-2% is spent in achieving this goal. Unless you are taking some of the new items with you to your new place and it will suit both homes.

Purchasing the 1 Advice & Notes option consists of preferably a in-home visit and a walk through and some photos taken whilst we chat. And a follow-up email with styling notes and suggestions will be sent to you within 3-5 days. There is no itemised list of products, paints, accessories etc. or information on comparisons in the neighbourhood.

If you purchase the 2 Detailed Report, then as above a walk through, chat and pictures will be taken. Measurements of rooms taken and an itemised list of product purchase suggestions will be included. Up to 5 for each room. Styling notes and comparisons of other properties that are on the market currently will be included. So you can see the other properties you are up against and if your expectations of your selling price is viable for the current market.

No guarantee is given that you will achieve your asking price even after your pre-sale makeover is complete. People will pay for a property what they think it's worth or what they can afford, or how quickly they think you need it sold. But obtaining a Pre-sale Makeover ensures you will be in the best possible position to make it appeal to a broader market that can imagine the house as their new home.