Interior Design Trends for 2022!

Welcome to 2022! A new year and new design trends... Well, let's look at what interior design trends will be popular in 2022, but more importantly what the stores will be tempting you with...

We’ll be seeing interiors connecting more with nature – by bringing the outdoors inside. Homes will also lean towards being more calm, comfortable, decluttered and colourful classic spaces. This mix will enable you to create a home that’s on trend and will remain in style for years to come.

Our way of living has shifted due to the global pandemic and it's made everyone look at how we want to spend time in our home, how we want to feel at home and also how we entertain in our home. And figuring out what are the best ways of bringing friends, family and fun times into our homes and also reducing the outside stresses.

Sustainability continues to grow from previous years, along with the need to create multifunctional spaces including clean Zen elements. A kickback to retro will also feature strongly. Wonder if the music or clothes from the 70’s will make a revival also?

Maximising the use of glass will be popular. This can be in the forms of mirrors, pendant lights and anything that can replace plastic.

Let’s look more closely at each of the predicted style trends:


Be mindful of creating a cohesive scheme. Curating your statement pieces with the smallest details will embrace a seamless easy design.

Basic and natural colours in stone greys, tinted blacks and off-whites make a gorgeous canvas that make your raw materials feel right at home.

Greens which are muted, pastels or tinted refresh an interior without dominating the look. It’s a great way to add a subtle pop of colour into a natural and neutral base.

Black accents will come in small doses but can seem extreme in a neutral base setting. The accents will seem punchy and powerful.

White walls will work if you have statement furniture and strong finishes. The simplicity of white walls will highlight these pieces more and complement any raw materials used in the space.

Light floors to highlight and bounce light across a room. Helping to achieve a more minimalist look. But please ensure you warm up with space with some soft textures and a well-chosen piece of art.

Contrasting hues in floors, trims and fixtures is a good way to introduce new colours and can achieve an elegant feature in a room. It won’t take much to create this look either. A sample pot or leftover paint will do the trick. Or with light furniture and walls against dark hardware and trims.


To embody nature within the home, sets a serene atmosphere. Embracing the outdoor living lifestyle inside is the easiest way to focus on colours inspired by nature – thus uplifting and revitalizing your space.

Green is a popular choice and with so many shades it does make it easy to incorporate in a room. Walls, furniture, rugs and of course plants. Or by adding a green velvet cushion, sage tone vases or jeweled green candlesticks adds a fun focal and feature to a space.

Plants that thrive indoors and improve air quality are perfect choices, along with hard to kill succulents. They come in many shapes and forms and create a piece of art on their own.

Multifunctional Spaces

A space used for a sole purpose seems to be a thing of the past. We’ll start to see nifty ideas making the most of every nook and cranny in homes. Architectural design has already shown that in smaller and tiny home living. With space becoming more condensed, so will homes and we need to adapt to this kind of living comfortably.

Also, the past 2 years has seen us use our rooms combined as living, office, schooling, bedroom, dining and whatever else in between. So, by removing barriers and cleverly rearranging furniture can create an open space with both function and form. It just takes some forward planning and organising.


A Zen environment encourages you to look for eco alternatives whilst creating spaces that enable a clear and undistracted mind. Spaces will showcase light woods, clean lines with perhaps floating surfaces. A less is more approach – keeping the décor organic and natural. Introducing plants into the home will help with a calming aesthetic.

70’s Retro | Postmodern

Sprucing up the home with a touch of retro will not only bring a bit of fun into the home but also make a fun shopping experience. Visiting local antique or flea markets and searching online marketplaces will help you find that vintage couch or chair to reupholster or adding a pop of colour with a groovy lamp, patterned cushion, or an eclectic artwork. Retro embraces some unconventional ideas that emphasises playful and colourful designs.

Colours of burnt orange, avocado/moss greens, mustard, turquoise and metallic tones will brighten your interior and using items made of terrazzo, brass, coloured glass and velvet. I can picture it now!

Curved furniture | Rounded edges

Curvy furniture seems to be becoming a stronger feature in the 2022 design trend. Softer edges are more feminine and forgiving and can complement angled structured pieces. A sense of romance is created with rounded edged furniture.

The curves and rounded edges adds a softness and lightness and gives the space a soothing ambiance. Including a show-stopping piece brings a touch of elegance and glamour to a room. This is also a feature from the modern era that’s making a comeback.

Materials | Patterns

Velvet - Plush material like velvet will make a strong return. It can be easily featured along metal accents adding warmth and luxury to styles that could feel cold or unwelcoming. Even finding a place in a minimalistic or organic space with its soft inviting feel.

Travertine – A natural, neutral and durable stone that works perfectly in any interior. It’s popular to use in living rooms as a side table, kitchen countertops, bathroom walls or floors and even outside. It ties in nicely with a Zen interior and is low weight and easy maintenance.

Flooring – Patterned flooring is also featuring this year. Herringbone and geometric patterns are making a come-back. In order to pull it off, keeping to a neutral colour palette is best, allowing the pattern and shapes to be the highlight and backdrop.

Statement Walls

A statement wall is a quick and clever way to add interest and liven up a space. By doing just one wall it is also a budget-friendly option. This is your chance to experiment with colour, shapes, textures and pattern. They can be high impact or a subtle backdrop to highlight what’s placed in front of that wall.

Paint of course is the inexpensive way to update the room and can be easily fixed if you don’t like the end result. Another choice which has become popular again is wallpaper. It is now available as a peel and stick option, making it easier to remove or move with you. There are so many standard prints available, but if you would like to create a unique look, you can have an image printed on to a wallpaper - instant artwork.

In summary, for 2022 interior design is about creating peaceful, colourful, harmonious and useful spaces within your home. Will any of these trends suit you and your home? Yes or maybe? As an interior designer I not only enhance the look of your space but enhance the function of the room and floorplan.

A designer loves the challenge of working with or restructuring a layout to find its best use rather than just trying to visually adorn the space with items. Interior designers do both - finding the best possible solution and presenting it to become uniquely yours with your chosen or evolving style.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about what you think 2022 will bring for you, your life and your home. If you think you’re ready for a change no matter how big or small, then I’d love to work with you. Book in a time for a chat and see where we can go from there.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, I hope you found some useful tips. And if you'd like to book a consult then CLICK soon



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